Homegrown Manifesto: Why Purchase Locally Grown Produce

Listing many of the positive reasons to purchase locally grown produce, Debra Tyler wrote the following manifesto as part of her graduating project from VT College’s Adult Degree Program in 1986. She then designed a series of silk-screened (cheap art) cards to quietly suggest valuing those things grown at home… Local Farm takes its name from this project as “one of the many good things in life.”

When we eat that which has been produced in the area we live;

We are assured of an appetizing repast.

Fresh food looks and tastes better than that which has traveled long distances.

We receive healthful benefits.

Many vitamins and helpful enzymes can be found only in fresh field-ripened fruits and vegetables. Local produce has not been subjugated to fungicides, fumigants, preservatives and radiation to improve transportability. These routine procedures may make some food harmful to ingest.

We nurture independence.

With our support, our neighbors who choose to farm can follow the vocation of their choice. Indirectly, we encourage Third World nations to develop agricultural resources to feed their own people instead of producing luxury crops for the United States.

We ensure ourselves a semi-rural countryside.

Abundant plant life guarantees cleaner air and rested eyes.

We foster personal accountability.

By dealing directly with the one who handles our food, we can’t blame an impersonal “corporation” for poor quality or misjudgment.

We conserve the earth’s limited resources.

Using what’s grown here burns less fuel to transport our food and eliminates the need for excessive plastic packaging.

This design is in honor of neighboring farms and bountiful harvests. Please join me in celebrating one of the many good things in life…

Our Local Produce!

Text by Debra Tyler © 1987
Local Farm
Cornwall Bridge, CT 06754

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