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Keeping a Family Cow Workshop Photos

At R Family Cow Workshops, we’ve been teaching folks how to milk a cow…

make butter, yogurt, simple cheese, and ice-cream; as well as giving pointers on finding, feeding, fencing, and breeding a backyard cow; since 2002. We hope you’ll enjoy the following Family Cow Foto Album!
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This Cheese-Maker’s Special!

Katie Gilmore bought a Miniature Jersey calf from Local Farm during the spring of 2011. Her name is Susan. She calved on May 15, 2013 with a lively heifer named Samantha.
mini jersey calfPart of the purchase agreement was that Susan’s first calf would belong to Local Farm. On May 20, Margaret and I traveled to visit Katie, Susan, and Samantha at Katie’s Stone Silo Farm in Woodbury, CT.

corner cow stanchionWe were quite impressed with Susan’s corner stanchion, designed and built by Katie’s husband Steve…

chicken tractor…with the chicken tractor built by their daughter Stephanie

deer fence of saplings…with their sapling woven fence to keep deer out of their garden…

cowshed on skidsand with their portable cow shed on skids with eye-hooks for chaining to a tractor.

dog as herdmateSusan’s unlikely companions include a Great Pyrenees, Abby (short for Abbaye de Bellock – a really yummy cheese made in the Pyrenees)…playing with goats… several very playful Dwarf Nigerian Goats,

friesian mareand a friesian mare named Ginger.

wheel chair accessable horse cartAs a volunteer therapeutic driving instructor for the CT Little Britches program, Katie has interesting carts, equines and a very slick harness storage set-up.

Katie and SteveKatie raised Susan so she’d have a reliable source of raw milk for cheese-making. She also makes cheese with milk from her goats. She and her husband Steve, sent us off with a generous portion of chevre that was so delicious, we had eaten it all before we got home! Find out about her cheese-making classes from her website: easypeasyhomecheesemaking.com or email Katie directly at: Easypeasycheese@yahoo.com.

For anyone interested in home cheese-making, the New England Cheese Making Supply Company has almost everything you need as well as an inspiring and informative monthly e-newsletter.

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Thorncrest Dairy Farm

We were delighted to visit Kim Thorn in her new chocolate shop where she makes and sells chocolates using milk from their own cows. Read Kathryn Boughton‘s wonderful description in her article for the Litchfield County Times, Note that beside selling chocolates and farm-fresh pasturized CREAM-LINE milk, Kim offers classes in cheese-making. You can call her for details at 860-309-2545 or email tcfarmllc@optimum.net.
Texas LonghornBesides Holstein and Jersey cows, Kim and Clint raise Texas Longhorns. Call about their FREE farm tours of their new, old-fashioned dairy barn, milk-house, milking a cow, feeding a calf, and viewing these spectacular cattle!

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Shakin’ Butter

Making butter for a meal can involve the whole family! This Thanksgiving, Emy Osborne handed her guests 8 jars of cream to shake into butter.

If you are serious about making your own, here’s a great VIDEO on the home butter making process.

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Care for Cows’ Smoked Cheese

Care for Cows is the on-line newsletter for a cow-rescue organization in India. Scroll through their June 2009 issue CFCNewsJune2009 to page 10 and their wonderful recipe for smoked cheese.

Skipping the preliminary cow rescue and using milk from our own cows, we have made this wonderful cheese at Local Farm and highly recommend it!

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