Raw Milk: Benefits & Sources for Northwest Connecticut

Raw Milk - Picture of HealthRaw Milk has not been pasteurized or cooked. Because it has not been pasteurized, it contains many healthful vitamins and enzymes that would otherwise be destroyed. For example, raw milk has 33% more vitamin C than pasteurized milk. Enzymes found in raw milk aid digestion, and many individuals who have been diagnosed as ‘lactose intolerant’ are able to drink raw milk with no problem!

Raw Milk is creamline milk. Because it has not been homogenized, the cream naturally rises to the top. This luscious cream can be poured off for making butter, ice cream, whipped cream or to put in your choice of hot beverage. Or, the cream can be mixed back into the milk to make whole milk.

Raw Milk from Jersey Cows is Nutrient Dense. Jersey cows produce the richest milk of all the major dairy breeds. Milk from Jersey cows has more protein and calcium than any other milk on today’s market.

Raw Milk is environmentally friendly. Requiring less processing and fewer transportation miles from cows to your table, raw milk requires less energy to market.

Find a source of Raw Milk near you… Better yet: Learn to Keep Your Own Cow!!!