Autobiography of an Ox-in-Training by Timothy Lacy

Sherlock 2-16-14Hello, my name is Sherlock.

Sherlock says "Good Bye" to Mercy at Bluestone Farm 4-19-13Just Sherlock. I am a Jersey cow. I was born on a warm April day at Bluestone Farm in Brewster NY. When I was 2 weeks old my mom, Silmaril, and I moved to the Local Farm barn. It was a nice welcoming barn where swallows nested on the roof and they would always keep me company whenever Silmaril was out in the fields with the other cows. And Tivoli the cat who had just given birth to a litter of kittens would come daily to see me.

Samantha meets her neighbor Sherlock 5-29-014I had only been there a week when a heifer calf named Samantha moved in.

Tim feeds Samantha fresh milkI convinced mom to let her have some of my milk so I always consider her my sister. She’s a really good looking cow. She is yellow like the color of corn syrup. All heifers that I’ve seen look like that.

Sherlock and Tim 7-28-13It wasn’t long before Tim started taking me for walks. Tim is a boy who lives in the valley nearby.

Tim and Sherlock 7-31-13He uses commands like “Ho” which means stop, “Come” which means go, “Gee” which means turn right, and “Haw” which means turn left.

Tim and Sherlock 9-8-13As I got older he added new commands such as “Head up”.

Tim and sherlock 11-3-13The walks are really fun but I don’t really get the point. Maybe If Tim could understand me I would know. Whenever I am not being walked I sit in the barn talking to Samantha and eating my favorite food HAY,HAY,

AND MORE HAY! In fact the hay barn is on top of a flight of stairs that are in my pen so I could get hay whenever I wanted if only I could learn to climb stairs. Occasionally Tim puts me a separate pen where I only get 2 flakes of hay a day. A flake is a big chunk of a bale. I also cannot see Samantha. At least it isn’t as bad as being kept from your milk. You see once you get older you’re not allowed to get milk. And if you try the punishments are gruesome. You see a couple of days ago this bull named Phinigan who lives in the pastures was caught drinking milk so the farmer made him wear this uncomfortable nose ring. Poor Phinigan. They are now not letting me have milk either. OH it is so annoying I mean I wish they would put my mom in the pen right next to me.

Sherlock and Tim 2-16-14It is now winter. All the swallows have gone and now Samantha and Tivoli are the only people I can talk to. But one day Tim took me for a walk and there was this puffy white stuff coming down from the sky. It was scary so I tried to run away but you can’t run away from the weather. And Tim was upset so I know I did a very bad thing.

Margaret walks Sherlock in his new yoke 12-2-13Tim has been doing another strange thing a lot lately. He puts a hard wooden thing on the back of my neck a lot lately. I don’t know what its called but it’s so strange looking that I feel weird wearing it. I’m starting to realize that these walks are what I live for so I try to do whatever they want me to do. But the question is what do they want this to lead to?

snowy Local Farm barnOk a lot of this white puffy stuff that I think they call snow is coming down. I mean so much that the barn is buried. That’s why now I don’t think I will see Tim any time soon. I just got some interesting news: They’re planning to let me move into the pastures in a couple months. OH I just can’t wait for that day! I’ll finally be able to see my mom again and run and talk to chickens and meet Froggy the horse and live off fresh grass. I haven’t gotten fresh grass since August. And it is now February just a couple weeks before this all happens!

See Chapter 2

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5 Responses to Autobiography of an Ox-in-Training by Timothy Lacy

  1. sally says:

    What a lovely post by Timothy Lacy. He writes so movingly of Sherlock and life in that Cornwall barn.I think Tim’s writing would make E.B.White proud. Surely Sherlock is!

  2. Sandra says:

    Tim, I love Chapter 1. I can’t wait for more! Keep writing and taking photos!

  3. Chiara says:

    What a wonderful autobiography! Tim you are a very good writer!! 🙂

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