Farm Camp n MOOre

In the same vein as our workshops in Keeping a Family Cow and various homesteading skills, Local Farm and the non-profit Motherhouse, Inc. cooperatively organize a one week long day camp program, Camp Eureka, for area youngsters and their families to get a taste of farm life. Altho designed for 8 to 11 year olds, all ages are welcome! While learning about the very basic sources of food and shelter; participants will grind grain, milk a cow, collect eggs, harvest fruit and vegetables, feed and water farm animals, cut and carve wood, and work with sheep wool. Every day we’ll meet at a different farm in Cornwall, CT. This year, Camp Eureka will culminate with a Friday afternoon spoon carving session with Joe Brien extending to an overnight in the Local Farm barn.

Local Farm also serves as a drop off point for livestock feed from Lightning Tree Farm and for grocery items from the Food is Fun UNFI buying club, as well as hosting a variety of other events.

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