Local Farm: Miniature Jersey Family Cows for Sale
Cornwall Connecticut

To foster the ideal family cow for backyard farming or homestead,

jersey cow and calfLocal Farm started breeding miniature jersey bulls to our standard jerseys in 2005, and began working even more with our calves and young stock. Today, many are mini! Most all our cows lead well with a halter, stand to have their feet picked up, and are comfortable with a person’s hands around and in their mouths. Local Farm offers them for sale as family cows after freshening.

The starting price for our miniature jerseys ranges from $2500 to $4500 depending on their temperament and confirmation. Subtract $500 if you have ever attended a Family Cow Workshop at Local Farm. We’re open to all kinds of creative bartering in order to match the right cow to the right family.

Call (860) 672-0229 or contact us by email for more information about buying a family cow.