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Letting Go after the Death of One’s Cow: A Lovely Tribute

Letting go is probably the hardest part of keeping a family cow. Whether by making the decision to beef or put-down an older and/or injured cow, or by natural death, or even by selling or giving her away to a very good home; saying Good-bye is often like losing a cherished family member. The following tribute by Tiffiany Walker gives us a beautiful inside view of the gratitude and grief she feels after the loss of Lovely Cow.Lovely close-up For those who knew Lovely and those who fell in love with her stories, those who watched as they drove by and those who’ve had the blessing of being touched by her love…Our story began together, almost not, 3 years ago when our family was given the most unexpected gift, a dairy cow lactating 3 gallons of milk a day, easy. Completely new to the care of cattle or any large animal the learning curve was steep and educational. We have learned how to work a way of life that sustained our ancestors, into a world too fast for our own good. In the busy morning rush taking a minute to hug and smell her, or while in the sun warming her in the meadow taking a minute to soak it up with her, bringing her in the barn on quiet snowy afternoons and most recently feeling complete comfort in watching her give another cowlick to one of her own, something we could only let Lovely do with jeans on. The stories are endless and so deeply engrained in our lives, each of us here.

So, in her passing over the weekend these memories we hold to a little tighter. Letting go of a family cowDeborah Tyler, thank you so very much for a most cherished gift our family could have and the little kisses from Rebecca Jean.

Thank you Tiffiany for showing us a beautifully respectful and loving way of letting go.

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FARM-tastic Birthday Adventure

cow hugsGeorgia has been fascinated with cows ever since discovering the playful nature of a young steer while she was volunteering at Stamford Nature Center. As a special treat, her family arranged for a farm birthday party at Local Farm. Here are some photos of Georgia, her husband Matt, and their daughter Audrey; shMOOzing with MOOcows, walking calves, and cuddling with Vulture the hen…  all in all: a FARMtastic Birthday adventure!
Local Farm 1-5Local FarmLocal Farm 2-6Local Farm 2-1Local Farm 3-2

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Blood Moon over Local Farm

full moon eclipseFull moon eclipse over the farm – captured by Lazlo

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Mini Cow-Whisperer Meets Mini-Jerseys

Justine Hoagland photographed this magical mini-cow-whisperer making the rounds at Local Farm.

Mutual Admiration 9-25-2015true love 9-25-2015 moo moo close kiss 2-25-2015Mutual Admiration 9-25-2015True Love

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Hosting Yale Harvesters 2015

DSCF7691 DSCF7705  DSCF7880 DSCF7891DSCF7869

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