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Harvesting Firewood as a Community

Local Farm Tree Cutting BeeHarvesting firewood became a joyous community gathering for Local Farm this week as seven extended families helped us fell a tree. Our original intent was to remove the tree in order to allow more sunlight into our yard and onto our fruit trees. Margaret and her helpers prepared a fabulous feast while the rest of the crew bucked up, split, hauled, and stacked a beautiful woodpile to season under our porch. Traditional harvest “bees” or work parties can be a wonderful inter-generational social gathering where folks of all ages can share and develop a variety of skills. Many thanks to all who helped!!!!
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Heart(h) Warming!

firewoodI remember my uncle Bill gathering firewood as he cleared back the encroaching saplings and fallen tree limbs from the edges of his fields and pasture. These branches would make ideal stove-wood for the farmhouse electric & wood fired kitchen cook-stove.
Collecting firewood is an ancient tradition. When Motherhouse and Bluestone Farm collaborated to hold a women’s gathering celebrating farming and the Feminine, I led a fire-lighting ritual in one of their fireplaces. Wanting to be sure of my fire lighting skills, I asked some young friends and their moms to help gather wood and start a practice fire. Read on for the ritual…

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