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Harvesting Beef at Home

Cold nights and cool mornings are perfect for harvesting meat. We are fortunate to be ableĀ  to hire someone to kill, dress out, skin and deliver an animal to the nearby locker to be hung, cut, wrapped, and flash frozen. Pfinnegan had his last breakfast of milk this morning and was led to the end of the barn where he stood quietly a few seconds until Joe took perfect aim and dropped him with a shot in the head. No panicked corralling into a strange trailer. No time penned with other confused cattle or being singled out and herded into a chute… just a quiet walk with a familiar human.
skinnin' PfinneganIt is always hard to kill an animal, but I am grateful we can do it at home.

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HOPpy Ending

7/31/13 rabbit harvestButchering and cooking the first of our share-crHOPping rabbit-raising experiment was SO successful that Margaret has declared a new favorite food; buttermilk fried rabbit! After watching their promo video, our neighbor, Wayde used a Rabbit Wringer set-up to break the rabbit’s neck. We were mightily impressed with the quiet and swift process. Francisco then skinned and gutted it. Margaret found this fabulous recipe for buttermilk-fried rabbit(including a handy guide to cutting up the carcass). We followed it fairly closely; halving the amount of cayenne, substituting our own yogurt for buttermilk and rendered lard for the cooking oil… fresh basil and garlic from our gardens…. YUM! What a feast with which to end the month of July. Next morning, on the first of the month, what leftover did we have for breakfast? RABBIT!

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