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On reclaiming mud: Election edition – Clea Fowler

Dig this poetry by Clea Fowler! To keep up on the latest mud, come to the Motherhouse Old-Style Life-Skills Series Workshop: To Boast of Compost on June 14, 2016 at R own Local Farm where we’ll learn about building soil health from using green manure, to “Lasagne Gardening,” to vermiculture, to Rudolph Steiner’s biodynamic approach, to Permaculture’s chicken tractors. Upcycle used materials to build a bin and go home with red wriggler worms to kick-start your own compost.

On reclaiming mud: Election edition. (5/23/2016)

Slogging through the
the Quicksand
Fecundity Mainstream
Diggin’ up the dirt
Washed up
All wet
Dirty Dirty Politics.

And whose hands are clean?
This hearty May,
when gardens are beckoning,
i judge any whose fingernails are too clean.

My heroes wear spades and edging tools
they are busy drawing lines.
Those that have an eye
to the future
and can make the brutal cuts.

Those that KNOW these decisions
must be made,
again, and again.

The grass is never greener on the other side.
Because the only side they know is the one that they fully own, and understand.
The green side they give their full attention
and dirty fingernails to.

Fear not, naysayers.
My heroes dream of nothing
but good things growing.

These really are their dreams
at night,
under the moon
go ahead and dig into their unconscious.
with forks or bare fingers

Food to feed the masses.
You can’t plant your investment portfolio
but it might grow, too.

Planting aesthetic gardens
Beauty in responsibility

The way a pumpkin leaf curls into a cone before a rain
so the rain is directed down.

Directed down to where the better of us can understand
that rain is desperately needed.

What do grassroots grow in?
organic material.

built to deflect the reign,
and bring on the rain.

-Thank you. xo.

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FARM-tastic Birthday Adventure

cow hugsGeorgia has been fascinated with cows ever since discovering the playful nature of a young steer while she was volunteering at Stamford Nature Center. As a special treat, her family arranged for a farm birthday party at Local Farm. Here are some photos of Georgia, her husband Matt, and their daughter Audrey; shMOOzing with MOOcows, walking calves, and cuddling with Vulture the hen…  all in all: a FARMtastic Birthday adventure!
Local Farm 1-5Local FarmLocal Farm 2-6Local Farm 2-1Local Farm 3-2

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Local Farm as an Oasis for Peace

After participating in a week-long intensive (inspiring, yet tiring) Building Abrahamic Partnerships program at Hartford Seminary, Debra was glad to get home to peace-and-quiet and the gratifying routine of morning chores at Local Farm. Her friend Juliet, a rabbinical student who also participated in the program, spent the night and joined Deb and Margaret in milking cows, bottle-feeding calves, setting up a new pasture rotation for the cows, and picking strawberries. Here are some of her photos of that morning.

[portfolio_slideshow id=2297]

Experiencing our physical connection to the land by walking barefoot* in the rain, harvesting fruit and milk to eat, and by caring for the earth and animals who provide that food; quietly guides us inward to our central core of peace and security. Listening, speaking, and acting from a strong, loving, peace-filled center allows us to be more effective in the world.

The Building Abrahamic Partnerships, or “BAP,” program Debra attended was comprised of people from the three faith traditions: Muslim, Judaism, and Christianity, who all trace their beginnings to the Biblical Abraham.  She and Juliet (Christian and Jew) would like to invite future BAP students to Local Farm for a day-long farm visit either at the start or end of the program. With a third classmate, Nazeera, who is of the Muslim faith, Juliet and Debra hope to develop other interfaith leadership development opportunities at Local Farm; AND! possibly a “class” reunion this August… in order to “share the peace” of Local Farm.

*for safety and our peace-of-mind, shoes or boots are required for group farm visits.


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Hartford Seminary “Dialogue” Reunion

Our reunion included…
picnicking in the sun,

potluck picnicbrushing Sweet Cream, the cow

DSCF6096 DSCF6098learning to milk,DSCF6118 DSCF6109 DSCF6115 DSCF6123making butter, DSCF6124 DSCF6125and feeding hay. DSCF6133 DSCF6135 DSCF6138Over all a very fine day! DSCF6149

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Seraphina Visits a Temple

Debra drove Local Farm calf, Seraphina, to Vallahbdham, a Hindu Temple in Newington, CT to help celebrate the new year. The priest hung a gold and saffron scarf around Seraphina’s neck and smeared a prominent red bindi of honor in the middle of her  forehead. Then he asked that she walk over a miniature mountain made of cow dung. With much encouragement, Seraphina stepped into the large shallow container, promptly laid down, and refused to budge. Reverently, the worshippers came up, made a cash offering, touched her forehead or the fluff of her tail, and then their own eyes and heart.Hindu cow worship As I understand it, to Hindu belief, Krishna is the Supreme Consciousness who at times, visits earth in human form. He is always associated with cows and so they are also worshiped as a material expression of Divinity. At one point, Krishna encouraged his fellow villagers not to pay tribute to the demi-god Indra who controlled the weather but to turn their reverence toward the fertile soils on the hill, Govardhana, that provided the grass upon which the cows and bulls grazed, as well as worshiping the cows and bulls who provided milk and ploughed the lands.  In a rage, Indra sent torrents of rain and threatened to wash everyone away. Krishna lifted up the mountain Govardhana so that all the cattle and people could shelter under it and after seven days, Indra conceded to Krishna. All this is reenacted as part of the Hindu new year festivities and Seraphina was there to represent all cows as Divine.
Vallabhdham Temple 11-10-13

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