Local Farm’s Raw Milk Dairy Apprenticeships

Local Farm offers apprenticeships in raw milk dairy management and caring for cows.

As member of CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training) of Western Connecticut, Local Farm joins with other farms in the area…

to encourage an exchange of ideas, a growing sense of community, and training in small scale agricultural food production for the apprentices who participate in our CRAFT program.

Our specialty is in rotational grazing and pasture management. Apprentices, employees, serious volunteers, and family members of participating farms may attend scheduled Field Events about various topics taught and hosted by the farmers. These range from: boosting soil fertility with cover crops and compost, to running a commercial kitchen, to green-house plant propagation, to raising pastured poultry.

Click for more information about CRAFT of Western CT.

Past Local Farm apprentices include:

(and present) Sally McDonald who works tirelessly all week-end with our cows as “Therapy.”

Dakota Miller and Mira: who now have their own Local Farm raised family cow, Del, and are running a CSA in New York State.

Sue Clark who just wanted to get a handle on where her food comes from and writes so eloquently about her experience.

Jeff Butler who drove to Ohio to purchase our first full-blooded Miniature Jerseys and now keeps his own mini, Sudi, on his farmstead in Maine.

Mary Zanoni:  of an advocacy organization for small farmers called Farm for Life, who has worked tirelessly to educate farmers about proposed legislation to make the USDA’s National Animal Identification System mandatory… and by gathering opposition to it, has made it at least partially voluntary.

Tom Sterns: founder of High Mowing Organic Seeds in VT.

We cannot offer long-term housing or pay to our apprentices, but are happy to provide all the milk you can drink and a wonderful learning experience. If interested in joining us for a short term or longer apprenticeship, please CONTACT US.